Monday, May 5, 2014

S.W.A.G.: She Exudes Patience

enduring without complaining,
calmly tolerating,
calm endurance,

Oh, to be a patient wife! To exude, ooze out, patience....Something I so desperately lack.

Let's take a look at what a wife exuding patience looks like.

"A patient man has great understanding"
~Proverbs 14:29~

A patient wife quietly and thoughtfully considers her husband's point of view, she is then better able to respond to circumstances in a  gracious manner.

"A patient man calms a quarrel"
~Proverbs 15:18~

 A wise woman understands her words and body language have an effect on all those around her. She holds the power to either calm or escalate a quarrel by her response.

She is not easily offended by her husbands words or actions. She asks God to fill her with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding so that she may live a life worthy of the Lord, pleasing Him in every way, being strengthened in Him so that she may have great endurance and patience. (Colossians 1:9-11)

"A man's wisdom gives him patience;
it is to his glory to overlook an offense."
~Proverbs 19:11~

When her husband is insensitive or harsh she does not lash out. Rather she turns away wrath, restoring peace, through her wisely patient demeanor. She seeks to understand rather than be understood.

She simply takes to maintaining joy in hoping, patience in afflictions, staying faithful in prayer. (Romans 12:12)

Patience starts when you see the situation from a godly perspective.

Patience grows when you act upon the wisdom and understanding He gives.

Patience is never completed, but always leading to greater maturity in Christ.

"Perseverance must finish its work
so that you may be mature and complete,
not lacking anything....
Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial,
because when he has stood the test
he will receive the crown of life
that God has promised to those who love Him."
~James 1:4, 12~

The Lord is full of compassion and mercy and she will be blessed if she perseveres patiently. (James 5:11)


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  1. Good Morning!
    This is a wonderful post! I now realize most of my trials in life were the very class room Christ used to teach me patience! I love the part; A wise woman understands her words and body language have an effect on all those around her. She holds the power to either calm or escalate a quarrel by her response. Yes and amen! Come and share this post tomorrow on my blog party!
    Women really are trying to grasp this! It is just so hard because we are so opinionated...
    Very good blog and inspiring content! You Go Girl...
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Hi, Roxy! Thank you for your kind words! It is hard! I'm a very strong hearted passionate woman, so this series of SWAG characteristics us way easier to write than live out. Thank you for the invitation to your link party! I'll add you to my Blog Hop page! Blessings!

  2. "She seeks to understand rather than be understood."

    I needed to read this, excellent post! Found you on Time Warp Wife!

    1. Hi, Nicole! That is something I need to be reminded of daily! Thanks for reading! Blessings!

  3. Convicting and encouraging at the same time. My husband and I are knee-deep in a very busy season as we prepare to leave for the mission field with our 8 children. I need to keep my heart as patient with him as I am with our children. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Blessings to your family's mission calling. Your patience level must be over the top! 8 children & missionaries! May you exude patience & in turn bask in exuding blessings!

  4. Thanks for the reminders about how patience grows. The verses you quoted from Proverbs can apply to all of us, in all our relationships.

  5. What great wisdom. I'm enjoying this series as it gives me more to pondor as I do my Love Dare series. Thank you for sharing with TWW. Blessings. {I'm almost postive I read this earlier but must have not left a comment so I'm glad I returned!}

  6. I recently read that tone of voice brings on 90% of arguments. How small things have big consequences.