Sunday, November 17, 2013

Refreshments for the Soul

Refreshments...aahhh, just the word will get most of us thinking of snacks, delectable desserts, maybe a punch bowl filled with a colorful fruity ice cold drink..aahhh, sweet, sweet refreshment!

In life there are many times we need refreshment. Life throws its curves, theres ups & downs, highs & lows. When rubber meets the road our souls often need refreshment, our hope renewed, resolve revived, courage reestablished & faith rejuvenated.When we receive refreshment our demeanor is brightened & we become refocused on what is truely important.

Proverbs 11:25 says "He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." Could I possibly revive a burdened soul? Could I help reestablish anothers courage & resolve to fight the good fight? And if so, what does that look like? How can I, struggling & stressed & needy as I am, refresh another soul?
Let's start with the ones closest to us! My husband labors all day to provide for his family. He has encountered many physical demands throughout the day & is exhausted. Coming home to a trashed house, screaming kids, & unkempt wife, he will not experience the inviting refreshment he needs & longs for. Greeting him with your days burdens will not make him want to come home any earlier. In fact, he might even tuck tail & head for his shop to tinker around, away from the chaos & adding to your frustration. But, a door opened to him by a calm welcoming wife, will immediately make him feel refreshed. The smell of dinner in its beginning stages, a tall glass of iced tea & the newspaper brought to him by a smiling wife & his children playing peacefully in a somewhat tidy home will revive him greatly. Which home would you rather be invited into?

The mom who has rocked & carried a fussy baby for 10hrs, would be greatly refreshed to have a helping hand. Whether its a meal, help with the baby so she can take a nap, or household duties, a helping hand refreshes her demeanor & revives her weary heart!

The elderly experience long days often wondering if family has forgotten them. Day after day they sit & wait & long for companionship. A few minutes of a smiling face dropping into say hi, give a hug, or help with a chore is great refreshment to the elderly's day.

A boy up to bat with bases loaded, 2 outs & has never made contact with the ball, will be encouraged beyond a doubt by hearing his mom shouting her support & belief in his ability. He will be refreshed just knowing that no matter what, I still have someone who loves me!

Isn't that what refreshment of the soul is all about? Expressing our love for the individual, whether in words or deeds! When was the last time you needed refreshment? I've often received refreshment in the form of an encouraging text, a card, a smile, an understanding look from another mom in the grocery store, my husband switching laundry to the dryer, a bouquet of limp dandelions clutched in small hands, & my favorite - tiny arms squeezing my neck with all their might! What beautiful day brightners! I felt so loved!! My heart revived & willing to keep on keeping on!

Maybe, because of lifes demands I can't do great & marvelous things, but I can smile! I can text! I can hug! I can offer a meal! I can send a card! I can offer child sitting for a tired mom! I can kiss boo-boos! I can serve my husband cheerfully! I CAN refresh others! & in turn I will be refreshed! So, offer someone a tall glass of Soul Refreshment today! You're likely to spill a little on yourself!

 "A cheerful heart is good medicine" Pr. 17:22 


  1. You have a beautiful way with words... please keep up your writing and sharing God's Word :)

  2. I am so excited that you started a blog!!!! :)
    This is post is a great reminder of how we can serve others & God by doing things to help others. Even though at the time the things may seem small to us, they are usually big to those we are doing them for. Love your blog & hope to see you post more! Love you friend! God Bless! :)

  3. How do I sign up for email notifications to your blog? I couldn't find it on your home page.
    Thanks :)

  4. On the bottom of web version theres a white/light pink bar that says Follow by email. Enter your address & submit. You should get a confirmation email in a few min. Hope it works! Let me know!:)

    1. It worked! thanks :)

  5. Love it!! And yes, even if you are stressed and all you can still encourage others!! I was encouraged by reading this!!