Friday, June 20, 2014

Always Developing New Growth

Ever notice how we are never fully grown up? Fully matured in every aspect of life?

I notice it most in my spiritual walk.

I'm never quite done learning, growing mature and complete, not lacking anything, as it says in James 1.

Neither do I want to be.

My God is limitless. So His knowledge is never ending. I will always be learning, experiencing new growth in Him....

continually growing up. 

I like that. I like that I will never come to the end of God.

There's an ongoing cycle, to this continual new growth in believers. Not just new believers, but matured ones as well.

It goes something like this:

1. Grow up.

The desire to grow up comes when we want to do better, be better, know better, etc. So we crave Him. Maybe, new believers can't put their finger on what the craving is, or where it comes from, but it's there.

It's real.

It's Him.

"Like newborn babies, crave spiritual milk, 
so that by it you may grow up in your salvation."
~1 Peter 2:2~

We must never stop growing up.

2. Stand up.

In order to grow up we must stand up. We must take a stand against evil and make life decisions based on His Word.

Then, with no questions asked, simply and plainly.....

stand up.

rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit,
hypocrisy, envy, and slander of any kind."
~1 Peter 2:1~

3.Put up.

When we stand up for what is right, somewhere along the line we will have to put up with unfair suffering. Relationships may be severed. Scoffers may scoff. Pain may have to be endured. We are going to have to put up with some heartaches.

"though now for a little while
you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials."
~1 Peter 1:6~

"it is commendable if a man bears up
under the pain of unjust suffering
because he is conscience of God."
~1 Peter 2:19~

4. Measure up.

The trials have to come so that we can be refined and with every step measure closer to Jesus.

But we must stick through the trials, not losing our integrity, our faith, and our desire to keep growing up in Him.

So, we
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers,
whenever you face trials of many kinds,
because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.
Perseverance must finish its work
so that you may be mature and complete,
not lacking anything."
~James 1:2-4~

The new growth cycle doesn't end here.

In fact, the cycle is never done because God is never finished working in us, molding us to become more Christ-like.

Isn't it exciting that the God Who created me, loves me enough to never want to be done with me!??

He never grows tired of me. He always wants to be around me. My company never grows old to Him!

That, alone, gives me enough desire to crave growing up on His spiritual milk, standing up for what is right, putting up with trials of all kinds, all so I can be refined, measuring just a bit closer to Jesus.

Just a bit more mature.

Just a bit more complete.

Always developing new growth.

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